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Monthly Listeners

Hello all, I'm very curious about something. I'm a BTS fan and last week as you might know, they released a single. They are not the biggest artist with huge monthly listeners but they're always top 3 on global spotify charts. But for some reason, they seem to not get any monthly listeners from the global top 5 playlist when we know it's one of the biggest playlists out there. Do you have any idea why they don't get any benefits from there? 

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Hi @Rosswen,


Great question! The way it works is, monthly listeners are updated daily but they only count a listener if the user has listened to the artist multiple times within a 28-day period. So, BTS is receiving benefits from the Global Top 50 but one new release is typically not enough to make a noticeable difference in their monthly listeners especially because the rolling window takes 28 days. On a separate note, BTS currently has over 17,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. You mentioned that this is not a huge amount but this is so far from the truth. That is definitely a high number particularly because it means that each of those users are really listening to BTS’ music instead of just checking it out. I hope this helped!

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