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Mumford & Sons Pre sale 2019

Mumford & Sons Pre sale 2019

I got an email for pre sale for the upcoming Mumford & Sons tour.

It included links for the various dates, when trying to buy a ticket by following one of the links I get asked for a vip code. There is no code in the email. What should I do?

29 Replies

Hello, exactly the same is happening to me for Barcelona concert. Ticketmaster page ask for presale album code...any idea how to solve it?

Hi, I have the same problem, I contacted Spotify earlier and they said their 'best tech folks' are working on the problem and an email will be sent out with the code eventually

Thanks!at least they are on it and they know the problem, good start...

I have the same problem. News from the code? Thanks!

I contacted ticketline in my case and they removed the need for a code. 

Have you received the email?

Great news! Will try that soon

Still no email received from Spotify with a new code! Not happy!

No email yet received! Not good enough!

I cannot believe they forgot (or they did not want to) add the PROMO CODE. 


I hope they send a new email soon. 

I didn't get my email till the back of nine, so thinking I wasn't going to get one didn't try for the presale this morning and got home now to see that I did get one and I can't get any tickets using the link for Glasgow and no code!! First time ever I've not been happy with Spotify!!


Still hoping to get a code before tickets sell out they're going pretty fast...

I'm also looking for tickets for Barcelona concert. Hope they send the code as soon as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

Messaged Ticketmaster NL for the Amsterdam presale and they said the wrong link in the "Tickets" was provided in the email. They sent me the correct link, but there are no more tickets left. Guess I'll try again on Friday. So much for being one of the best fans ever. ๐Ÿ˜ž  

I messaged TicketMaster Es and they said that Spotify should send the codes again, in order to buy on pre sale.

Spotify need to get to work!

I haven't received any emails from spotify discussing the presale and I usually do!  Anyone else not receive anything?  They're cutting it close. 

I've still not received an email with the presale code, Spotify are setting low standards for themselves

I havenโ€™t received an email. Iโ€™ve followed them for years and not sure why I wouldnโ€™t get one. 

Can anyone confirm if theyโ€™ve got the email for the US tour?

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