Music automatically stops on my account

Music automatically stops on my account







Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Operating System

Android 9 (Pie), OneUi 1.0


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I have a problem since yesterday, on the mobile app or with the web browser, and on any device, it is the same, when I play a music, it just stops playing and put the music on pause, it stops randomly at a different moment of the song, it depends of the music I am listening to

I thought it was a problem with my phone about the battery or anything but I did everything I could and nothing changed.

So I just tried to log out and sign in with my brother's account and it worked again, I could listen anything and the music never automatically stopped.

Now I know it only comes from my account but I don't understand why it happens.


Could please someone help me ?

Music is my whole life, I need it


By the way, I am sorry if my English isn't well, I am French

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You can try deleting the app and installing again. Or maybe try running it as administrator on your pc.

Hey there @Jerem_,


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community 🙂


Since this is happening on multiple devices and only with your account, we recommend following the steps in this article to secure your account and remove any possible unauthorized access.


We also suggest checking out this article for tips on how to keep your account protected.


Let us know how it goes. If you have any questions, give us a shout.



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I changed my password and followed the steps to secure my account and it doesn't happen on my phone anymore, it's the most important.

But it's still the same on my pc, I already tried to remove the app and all the files in my computer even if I reset my pc a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I will just listen to Spotify on my phone, that's all I need.

Thanks you for your help !

Hey @Jerem_,


Thanks for keeping in touch.


You're welcome and we're glad to know that it doesn't happen on your phone anymore, but it shouldn't be happening on your PC either.


We recommend logging out, restarting your PC, and logging back in. Make sure to be logging in to the same account as on your phone.


If this issue persists, follow the instructions under the Lost anything? section of the first article I sent in my previous reply so our Support team can take a look at your account and help you secure it.


We're always a post away in case you have any questions.


Have a good one!

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