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Music missing from artist upload

Music missing from artist upload

My band recently uploaded a 5 song ep onto Spotify. The album says there are 5 songs but when we go into it, 1 song is missing and there are only 4. Is this a case of us just needing to wait for it to be processed or another issue? Thanks. 

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Hey @Lawry529


Please paste the album's uri so I can check it from my end 🙂

Click the three dots on album - Share - Copy Spotify URI







Thank you!


I can see all 5 songs in your album, all are playable too.


Is the issue still present when you try checking the album on the web player?

You can also try enabling greyed out content by doing this:


1. Go to menu dots - Edit - Preferences
2. Scroll downward to Display Options
3. Enable (turn green) the slider for "Show unavailable content in playlists"


Does anything change or become visible with this setting turned on? 🙂

Hmm. I enabled unplayable content and it appears but is grey and unplayable
for some reason.



I suggest contacting your label / distributor on this issue, it looks like there might be some metadata problem.


Great sounds tho! 🙂

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