[Music] reupload same song with different metadata?


[Music] reupload same song with different metadata?


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I play in a band, and we're working on a plan of music release which involves releasing multiple songs twice (so they would be released in two different albums).


The way we planned to do this, we didn't plan to re-record anything but use the same masters of the songs to release first on an EP and again on a full-length album. I've read before that newly uploaded songs that have the exact same audio as a song already existing on spotify become hidden on spotify.


Is there any way to avoid this? Like, can we release the same song on an EP then again on a future album (or even more practically for artists, as a single then on an album) using the same master? If not, will doing something as simple as re-recording one part or remastering the audio keep the problem of songs being hidden from happening?

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Re: [Music] reupload same song with different metadata?

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Umm, I'll try to keep the main points for this cause a lotta things can change the outcome.

So uploading the same tracks on Spotify can trigger something that's called track linking. This merges all the plays -if the data matches enough at least- in Spotify for Artists,  if they're different enough then no probs, releases show all fine. If not, On your profile, the tracks may remain separate like if you released it as a single and then released an album with the same song, then they will remain separate. 

If you release the same album twice without any changes then they may be hidden to keep the profile neat under "1 more Release button" on Desktop, though this doesn't always happen. Mobile is a whole different story depending on Android or iOS.

Let me know if you have questions 🙂