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Music sounds cruncy but the youtube version not.

Music sounds cruncy but the youtube version not.

I listened to this track: spotify:track:1x5sYLZiu9r5E43kMlt9f8 ,  Symphony from Clean Bandit. The intro sounds really cruncy, and the track sound quality is really bad.


If you listen to the youtube version it's very clean:


I have a premium account so the high-quality setting is on, i'm listning with a Senheiser HD 25 with a Focusrite Saffire Pro14. so its definitlly not my hardware.


Can you guys replace this track with a better sounding one..?



2 Replies

Hi @YoramS!


It seems that either the song's been replaced with better quality version or I don't have that problem (webplayer).

I should check again with crisper soundsystem, probably, but can you please check again? 🙂

After a couple of months the problem still exsists. I played an old playlist with the song again and the crunchy version was still there. I recorded the beginning from spotify and youtube so you can hear the difference. The sample was recorded with a internal audio loopback function of my soundcard, exported to 320kbps mp3. You can clearly hear the difference.

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