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My 2022 Spotify Wrapped top songs changed

My 2022 Spotify Wrapped top songs changed




United States


(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, Macbook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

(iOS 10, Android Oreo, Windows 10,etc.)


My Question or Issue

My Spotify wrapped playlist changed from the day it was released. At least two of my top five songs of the year have disappeared from my list completely. Wondering if this can be fixed. My top songs playlist now also has 101 songs

38 Replies

The songs still exist I checked in the artist profiles, just wondering do spotify wrapped top songs update daily or something 




Hey, so I woke up yesterday and went to listen to my wrapped, and I discovered that multiple songs have been removed and a few new ones have been added. One of the ones removed was my number 1 song of the year (it still appears in the slideshow, but missing from the playlist). I made a copy of it day 1 (so I could share it), so it’s not the end of the world, but it’d be nice if it was in the original one. 




It's supposed to be 101 songs, but I had one song disappear from my top 5 too. It is still in my Wrapped overview video! So weird, I want it back in the playlist.

Yesterday I went through my 2022 Wrap stories. Everything went ok and I proceeded to listen to the Playlist. Today, one day later, I open the Playlist to find out that the #1 Top Song from the list is gone. I can do a new Playlist copy it and then put it in, but I just find it weird that it was taken out since it's a Playlist I can't edit. Anybody running into the same issue? I probably wouldn't have noticed other songs missing except for the Top 5 that show up in my 2022 Wrap.

Mine also changed. My top 5 is intact, but I was posting lyrics based on a numbers sent to me by my friends and the numbers no longer match up with the songs I used. I know for sure that my original bonus song 101 is no longer on the list at all and a different song is there instead, but I don't know if it's new to the list or was higher up before.

My Spotify Wrapped isn‘t working right. I was listening this year a new band and 28 Songs of them was in my Wrapped Playlist. Bug once I close the app and suddenly all the 28 songs aren‘t in the playlist anymore. The helpline doesn’t find an error, but I cann’t listen to the complete playlist… 

Have somebody the same problem? 


Hey folks,


Thanks for posting in the Community.


We've notified the relevant team about this issue and they've confirmed that it's now been resolved.


If anyone notices any further changes after this one, please do let us know, so we can investigate further.





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Hey there, my ‘Your Top Songs 2022’ still doesn’t match my 2022 Wrapped.

Is this an individual case-by-case kind of resolution of an issue? Because I too also have the same problem where my apparent 101 songs on the playlist are no longer at 101. It sits at 92 pieces. Like some of my top songs were gone from day 1.

Yes same by me. But I have lost 28 Songs…. But I’m calmed down that I’m not the only one who miss some songs 


My playlist is still **bleep** up. I came here with the same issue as the original poster and others. I had five songs be removed from my list from November 30 to December 1, and as of the morning of December 3 (U.S. Eastern Time Zone), they have still not been restored, and five new ones have been added to the end.

Hello MihailY. So far it's really not solved.

My playlist remains the same without the #1 Top Song and multiple users are replying with similar comments with their playlists.


Will you be passing this to the "relevant team" to look into?





Same **bleep** here, kind of annoying considering I shared one playlist with friends online and now a small bunch of the tracks are different (as many as ~10?), and the ones that remain are in a slightly different order in places throughout. What makes it worse is that a number of songs that I genuinely love that were on there before got jibbed by whatever this issue is, and then replaced with filler tracks that aren't really all that (but I guess just happened to be on albums I played through a lot) hahaha

Hi folks,


Thank you for your posts.


We've notified the tech teams that this is still happening to some of you. We'll keep you updated here as soon as we get more news.


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Could this be related to why my playlist deleted itself after I added it to my library? The option to recover via account settings isn't there either.

I've removed the playlist and tried adding it again from the wrapped slide, but it ends up being the same.

I've tried uninstalling and signing out of every device and clearing the cache and trying to add it to my library again, but nothing is working.

I also have the exact same problem with my Top 5 songs of my 2022 wrapped playlist. 3 of them disappeared and the Dutch servicedesk couldnt help me. Hope it will be solved soon!


Mine is still broken. It's missing my #1 song of the year. I definitely want it back!

Hey, Thank you for looking into this. However issue still persists. My top song has been gone for a few days now and it is still gone today. Both on iOS and on PC app. 

I have the same issue, some of my songs in the wrapped 2022 switched by themselves last minute the following day after its release. Please find a way to fix this!

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