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My Discover Weekly contained 16 disliked songs.

My Discover Weekly contained 16 disliked songs.





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This is the first time my Discover Weekly has contained any disliked songs and suddenly there are 16 disliked songs.  Anyone see this before?  Any ideas what may have happened? 

Thanks Rod



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Same here, i got JUST 7 songs that i never heard before, cause i track them with Most of the songs are swedish songs i disliked in 2018, there is also some track that i didn't like not because of the language, some songs that i already knew and even 3 random cover bands. Hope a new DW will be issued, this is ridicolous

Hi folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


Hiding (Dislinking) songs is not synced across devices. So you may see a song you've disliked on Mobile in a recommendation playlist like Discover weekly on you computer or other device. You can add your +Vote to this idea if you'd like this feature to be synced across devices in the future. 


If you're using several different devices like Desktop, Web player, Smart speakers, Auto etc. this might explain why you're seeing songs previously disliked back in your Discover weekly.


A workaround for this is to block the certain Artist those songs are from. You can do that on Mobile by going on their Artist profile > clicking the 3-dot menu > Don't play thisThis way all content from this artist will be blocked on all devices.


Hope this clears things up. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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My Discover Weekly that updated today contained 6 songs I've hidden/disliked previously. This is the first time this has happened. They were hidden/disliked on the device I'm currently using, so device syncing is not the issue. It also has several songs in it I've heard many times before. I've been noticing the past few months that DW will often even contain songs I've already liked/hearted. The list can hardly be labeled as "new music" or "fresh" if it contains songs that have been previously hidden or liked. Even if I hide songs, it will often include a different version/iteration of that same song.  The style of the songs currently on it never seems to change like it used to. I used to love DW and used it heavily for finding brand new music, but now it's fairly useless.

The same goes for me. I always heard DW with PC, never via smartphone or smart TV. And i always give likes (or unlikes) to songs via PC, so it's really weird that i got all these swedish songs (which also are boring, i am listening a lot of metal from northern Europe always sung in english, i'm not interested in pop, rock or punk in swedish, it's different) that i disliked 3 years ago ( was again really important in reminding me that i already listened and disliked these songs). Well, i will unfollow and re-follow my playlist, hoping that sunday it will return good.

Same here. of the 30 songs, 8 were songs I'd previously disliked. of the remaining 22, at least 5 have also previously appeared on DW playlists. kind of a rip off

Also this week i'm getting the SAME PROBLEM. It's UNACCEPTABLE. If next week i doesn't get fixed, i will quit Spotify for good.

Report: this time just 13 track never heard, one that i really know well, and the rest were almost all spanish or swedish songs which i disliked years ago. Better than last week but still extremely disappointing. I really want this problem is gonna be fixed, i pay for what? Also shuffler is not working properly since december.

Same here, I only listen to Spotify on my mobile and since last week my discover weekly mainly started to show songs I disliked before. Some of them even appear as disliked already in the playlist. If in the past I would have listened through discover weekly for a few days evaluating the songs I never known before and learning to like some of them, now it takes me less than an hour to go through the playlist after which all of the songs in it are disliked.

I'm not the only one, but it's absurd that no one seems to care. In my DW of this week, i just got 12 tracks never heard, the rest was some tracks that i already know, and the most was spanish and swedish tracks which i disliked in 2018-19, plus some pointless cover-bands, also disliked in the past. If this problem will not be fixed, i will pass to Youtube Music for good.

My Discovery Weekly again this week contains 4 songs I have hidden/disliked. How is it even possible that the DW algorithms don't filter those out? It also contains several songs I know I've heard before, and many from artists I'm already very familiar with. There are literally tens of millions of songs on spotify. Why has it become so difficult for DW to produce tracks that are genuinely new to me? I just feel like it shouldn't be hard to NOT include songs and artists I've already played, much less ones I've hidden. It didn't used to be this way, DW used to be so great. PLEASE work on fixes for this! Again this is NOT a device syncing issue, I've only hidden songs on the device I'm listening on now. I just want to be able to use DW the way I used to be able to.

Hi Alex, can you please address the new concerns posted this week. As I and others have noted, this is NOT a device syncing issue. There is also no reason to block an artist entirely as a "workaround". There are many cases where I wouldn't necessarily want to do that. This issue needs to be fixed by spotify.

It's sad to admit but no one seems to care about that problem, about that i got last week 6 unheard tracks and this week 12 unheard tracks, the rest was all already disliked tracks, with absurd bands from Spain or Sweden (if i listen to hard rock/heavy metal bands that sungs in english from that places, it doesn't mean i like pop/rock/punk sung in that language) or, even worse, pointless and useless cover bands. Really need to get fixed, because i'm ready to leave for Youtube Music. If it was free no problem, but since i'm paying, i pretend to have a service that works (not to mention also the shuffle algorythm totally broken...)

Hey folks,


Thanks for your replies. 


Would you mind sending over a screenshot where we can see how your Discover Weekly appears with the songs you've disliked?


You can attach them to your next response to us by using the Insert Photos option in the post editor. 


We'll keep an eye out for your reply.

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Hi Novi, i will send a screenshot of my last Discover Weekly: All the songs marked as unliked (except the first, which i didn't like, but one could happen) was previously featured in my Discover Weekly of 2018 or 2019.
Thank you.


Hi there folks,


Thanks for the info.


We've reported this to the right team and Spotify and we'll be keeping an eye out.


If possible, can you try listening to a lot of your own personal playlists, liked songs and similar, non-auto-generated playlists -  until the end of the week.


The reasoning being that we'd like to see if it will help if a lot of new data is being fed into their listening stats it will improve next week's recommendations.


You can also share more posts with screenshots of how your DW looks.



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Thank you Alex, to be honest, except for Discover Weekly or Release Radar i always listen to my personal palylists or playlists created by other users. Anyway, thanks again, i really hope the report wil solve the problem! Thanks again!

Hi again folks,


Can you also let us know how many Artists you have blocked?


You can check this on Mobile under Your Library > Artists > Hidden.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.

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Here's a screenshot. It looks like any other playlist where I hide songs. The second hidden song I hid yesterday, because I hear that artist way too much (so why would it be in my dw?). The others were already hidden when the playlist refreshed yesterday.


Thanks so much for reporting the issue. Will try listening to non-autogenerated playlists the rest of this week.


I only have one artist hidden. I generally don't want to block artists entirely. I do hide songs in specific playlists though when i have the option to. 



Hi Alex, i'm sorry but i can't find hidden artists, all i got in that section are the artitsts i am following and the recomended ones...

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