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My “Saved” or “Liked” Songs only play preview on my iPhone 10

My “Saved” or “Liked” Songs only play preview on my iPhone 10

My new problem:
"I have a new iPhone 10.  
My individual “Saved“ or   "liked songs"  as SPOTIFY calls them now appear on my iPhone under section called “Playlists” at the top as “My Saved Songs” with a picture of each album with a "play" arrow in the middle of each album cover for each song.  When I click on any one of the arrows, it only plays a few seconds of each song.  This never happened before and only happens on the iPhone.  How do I remedy this problem?"
In addition, When I click on my “My Saved Songs” that I cannot play,  it asks me if I want to add them to a play list which would take way too long to add each one of them to a New Playlist that I have already in truth already created in my “Liked” or “Saved” songs.   I have spent untold hundreds of hours saving these songs to what you call either my “Saved Songs”  or my “Liked Songs” and then you rob me of the ability to play the complete songs when I I wish to listen to them, even though I patiently listen to more ads than I am supposed to have to listen to @ 30 minutes.
This is your website and you know how to fix this problem, yet you offer no help. 
You want everyone to sign up for “Premium” which does not guarantee that these same kind of problems will not occur down the road.  Please Please solve the problem SPOTIFY created!  
Please send me an email showing you have corrected the problem you created.
Thank you


1 Reply

Hey @Hbgris,
Spotify free on mobile is tied to a shuffle mode only. If you would like to play songs on demand or have them available even without internet you could always upgrade to Premium.

Hope it helps

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