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My music listed under wrong artist


My music listed under wrong artist



I released under the alias 'Rooke'. I have recently released an EP that has been listed under an artist on Spotify, also with the name Rooke. However this is incorrect. 


Link -


Please can this be looked at?


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If your music ends up on the wrong artist profile, or another artist’s music appears on yours, you can either reach out to your label or distributor, or get in touch with the Creator Support team.


If you already have access to Spotify for Artists and don’t see an expected upcoming release displaying in your Catalog section, again, just reach out to your label or distributor or get in touch with the Creator Support team; they’ll have it sorted in no time : )


For more info, check out our GuideFAQs, and our video series The Game Plan.


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28 Replies

@rookemusic hey there, you can find more info on how to report wrong album artist information here:


let me know if you need anything else!

Hi there, 


I'm trying to use the form you've given here but I'm getting an error message saying my album is nonexistent.  


The link to the album under the wrong artist is here:




or can be found under Brown Eyes by Common Ground


@CommonGround fortunately, there's a simple reason why it's doing that!


you're using the spotify link, rather than the spotify URL!


I've edited your post to show you what it should look like, if you need any more help let me know ^_^



My album linked here is my first release that I distributed to Spotify, but got listed under the wrong artist. Every time I try submitting the link in the error form though, it says my album is non-existent.


The issue is that I was unaware that there was already a band with the same name, so my release is under a profile that it should not be under. Any help is greatly appreciated!

file a report (or whatever needs to be done) to/with your distributor and change the name to something that doesnt exist on spotify. you dont have to change it, just use 0's or something. just an idea.

im getting the same thing when i try to fill out the form it says invalid link on artist page and albim link even when i copy the url



Hello, I've recently released two tracks on Spotify through, it has been released but on another artists profile who has a similiar name (infinit).


I'd request you to attribute the two tracks to infinit_music 


The two tracks are: and

Yup! Thanks



same here! 

Idé (Artist name)
Pride (Single)

In a wrong location!
Here is the link to a song:

Wrong place is IDE. 

Please help, the single release is not going so well since no-one can actually see it in my page!!!


My band "Friends of Friends" just put out a song called "High Strung" that is listed under another artist with the same name. How do I fix this?

Yellows - Trini Have no badman 

Is a reggae/dancehall artist and he is under another artist with the same name  can he be move to his own artist profile , 

Link at the bottom to trini have no Badman and the  attachment of the other yellows is also at the bottom.


Hi ,


There is a wrong song under my artist page : Adil 


OFLINE (is not my song) Adil ft. Plum (not me)


I will release a new song soon. Could delete song above ?


Rest is all mine : 


  • Take me with you
  • Repeat
  • in our nature
  • etc 
  • etc etc




We've uploaded our first song at Spotify and now they listed at the wrong artist, but with the same name. What can I do?

I’m having the same problem as everyone else, please help! I’m a new artist and my song was given to some chump. So much for a release date and good sales.

I mean, I don't see how that could be of any help. Apparently if you want to "contribute" through this Line-In thing and make changes to artists info, etc. you need to make pass a "knowledge" test and they ask you questions about people like Bruno Mars and other people I personally have zero knowledge about and I dont intend changing that as I dont care about those artists. But... I still need to change my own artist metadata and info which links to a band that have the same exact name as mine.


I'm sincerely hoping there must be another option other than this tortuous work around with Line-In.

Hi guys

I uploaded my EP 'Infinito', my band is 'Marmota' but wrongly the EP was added to another Marmota account. By the way this is the first time I upload an EP so an account should be created, please can someone from Spotify staff help me?...

This is the url of the EP.

This artist already has music release on Spotify ,but his new music has a new Spotify page,  could the new music be moved to the old Spotify artist page because it's the same artist with the same name EST Dunk /

Old Spotify

EST Dunk/ New Spotify



My 2008 Album has been re-released but it is not associated with my Spotify artist account.


Could you please fix that?

Thank you

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