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My playlist photo

My playlist photo

Why when I upload a photo to my playlist is uploaded in low quality?

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Unfortunately, as you did not share much information about the actual photo itself in terms of pixels so I am going to assume that the photo is too small or is of poor quality to start with.

From what I understand about the basics of photo uploading, if the photo is too small it will be enlarged to fit Spotify's photo display setting. Thus giving it a lower resolution.

If this is the case, you can always increase the resolution of the JPEG. Which will vary depending on the type of computer software you use. 


Hope I've helped. 



A Fellow Spotify User








I have uploaded my photo with 6000px 4000 px but it continues to rise in low quality. I am going to add the photo and a snapshot of how it remains uploaded in low quality.

Foto Spotify.jpgBad quality photo.png

I believe the problem, now, is the opposite. Spotify has body parameters for the album photos, where the maximum paylod size is 256KB. So if the JPEG is any larger than that Spotify will compress the image to reduce data storage. 

Also, the images used as an album art in Spotify are 640x640px. 

Album art acceptable for stores is at least 1600x1600px.

So, I'd suggest making the photo more square, reduce the size of the file it's too large and also test the resolution of around 1600x1600px.

This is as far as my understanding goes, so if it still doesn't work I will not be able to help. 

Hope this answer does work for you however!



A fellow Spotify User


Maybe check the dimensions over your photo, then try to re-upload your playlist cover. Typically Spotify requires a 300x300 pixel image as the minimum for the playlist cover photo. The file size should either be exactly at 4 MB or just under it; if it's over, it'll deny the file due to it being too big. I hope this helps!


I agree, check the dimensions of the photo. Also, take the photo directly from the original format it was in. Do not try to move it through many different programs. 

i saw somewhere that the image has to be a JPEG and no larger than 4MB. i would check the dimensions of the photo like the others said and either change the photo or find that photo in the required size. hope it helped! 

I have this problem with my podcast too.

My logo has 139kb, but the dimensions are 1400x1400.

Look how Spotify render my image:


Somebody can help me?


Did you try resizing it to 640x640 pixels?

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