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My song taken down

My song taken down

So, around 3 months ago, I have uploaded a song on Spotify and Apple music.
It had around 20k views/stream
However, my song just got removed 30minuets ago from Spotify and is still up on Apple music - it also says on distrokid that the song is still up.
I have not received any emails from anywhere about why and how. 
Help me out, please.
25 Replies

Same with me. I had 66k streams on this track and yesterday (2 jan) they took it down. No information, no contact nothing. Is this a way to save on royalty payments? Unbelievable, months of hard labor gone...

YouTube simply removes fake streams.  Is Spotify seriously going to try to allege that they can't do the same?

Does anyone here have any updates or luck so far?

It kinda sucks that there are no Spotify officially endorsed marketing services for those who want to invest in building their careers.

This results in using services that appear legitimate but cannot be proven until they've had their services used. By that time, it's already too late to reverse the mistake and this happens?

Spotify should block the curators that make fake playlists or block users that have 1 track 24h on repeat. Instead of blaming the artist. The artist has no control on who is doing what on Spotify.

Hello! Just had this happen to me recently, but it was immediately after I tried adding lyrics for the song on Musixmatch.


Can I ask where did you contact Spotify? If via email, can I please have the email? My distributors haven’t replied yet because of the holidays 😞 


It was also one of my more famous songs which makes me sad that it has randomly vanished.

2/26/2024, 2024 and this is still happening. To me it wasn’t only my song, my entire catalogue got taken down because of this bs.

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