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NEW Netflix Hub on Spotify!

NEW Netflix Hub on Spotify!

Squid Game. Cowboy Bebop. Narcos. Stranger Things. You. Bridgerton. 


...and the list goes on. Unless you've been sleeping soundly under a rock that doesn't have wi-fi, then you've likely heard of (and/or watched) most of these shows. We're certainly obsessed with a few of them at the moment. 


That's why, starting today, we're happy to announce the launch of...


The Netflix Hub on Spotify!


No longer must you wait in agony for the next season, nor contemplate your own existence after you've watched your way through every show and movie on the platform. No, instead, you'll now be able to join the 22,000+ Spotify listeners who sought to create content around their favorite Netflix shows on Spotify. 



(Not Included: a prompt to ask "Are you still listening?" to hurt your feelings)


Within the Netflix Hub, you can find all manner of Netflix-related audio greatness, from official playlists for television hits, official soundtracks for your favorite shows, and even Netflix-related Podcasts!


Since this is the Spotify Podcasts team speaking, we're going to share a few of our favorite episodes from our new favorite hub. Don't stop there though, go click around and see what you find!


10/10 (Would Reccommend)


You need recommendations. Hosts and IRL friends Tolani Shoneye and Gena-mour Barrett have the best recommendations. Every week, they discuss what they're watching, and tell you what you should be watching next. 


You Can't Make This Up


Each week, your host Rebecca Lavoie engages and breaks news with the filmmakers, actors, and creators who bring Netflix's assortment of documentaries and films to life. 


Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins (A Stranger Things Podcast)


Finally, more Stranger Things goodness. Starring Maya Hawke as Robin and Sean Maher as her favorite teacher, Mr. HauserRebel Robin is a companion pod to the Stranger Things universe novel by the same name. If you've been eagerly awaiting your return to Hawkins, Indiana, now's your chance. 




Exciting, eh? There's a ton more to dive into in the Netflix Hub, so go ahead and take a dive when you get a chance-- and tell us what you find in the comments down below!!

6 Replies

Hey friends, it's us again. We hope you enjoyed this post! If you're new to the club, hit up this post to introduce yourself and tell us about your favorite podcasts. Otherwise, stop by the Podcast Discussion page and start a discussion of your own!

Behind the scenes of Shadow & Bone?! What an unexpected and lovely find... Guess what's next in my queue 😄



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I already tried to go to it. It doesn't work. It goes to a blank screen. Who are these playlists made by? I'm curious how the "Seinfeld" playlist will compare to mine. Will whoever is making it just copy mine? Someone on Spotify has already done that (which is another reason why it's irritating that the dates are gone, and that a start date was not added). Where do we go, to get to this hub, outside of clicking the link in the e-mail?

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I found it. I thought to go to the area, after hitting "Search" once, then selecting something that I think was "Soundtracks", which isn't there, now. It had a "Hulu" section in it, too. Somewhere in the "Soundtrack" section, I found a what is somewhat of a soundtrack for "Seinfeld". It's just songs or parts of "could-be" songs that were made up, by the show's composer, Johnathan Wolff. Anyway, I see that the Netflix section has been added. There's too much switching things around, on Spotify. I don't know how to get to the other area, again.

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Great initiative, @SpotifyPodcasts! 👏🎬🍿

I'm guessing that the offering varies depending on location. I'm located in Bulgaria, and I can find the Netflix hub on mobile when searching for "Netflix" and filtering results by Genre & Mood, but there's only a list of 10 recommended playlists, so not quite as extensive as the selection in your screenshot 😢




If anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation, a good alternative is to check out Netflix's profile on Spotify, where they publish all the playlists (currently at 270):

I've personally been binging on "Stranger Things" lately and can't wait for the next season. This integration might just feed my addiction even more. Speaking of Netflix, I recently read an article on how to get paid to watch Netflix. Apparently, you can become a Netflix tagger, where you just need to watch the shows or movies and assign the right tags. Kind of wish I had known that before spending countless unpaid hours in front of the screen!

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