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Naatu naatu song is playing in Hindi when I played the Telugu version

Naatu naatu song is playing in Hindi when I played the Telugu version

The "naatu naatu" song from "RRR" is not playing in Telugu when I played the Telugu version. Even the picture of the song changed to something like "Diwali dj songs". In fact, most of the songs in "RRR" are not playing in telugu.
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Hi there @Seelyj,


Thanks for the reply. In this case, if the behaviour is the same across all devices, you can follow the steps here in order to report this issue to us for further investigation.


Hope this helps.

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The same is happening with me, the song’s name is “Naatu Naatu”(telugu) but the sound heard is “Naacho Naacho” (hindi). In fact, the entire RRR soundtrack that should be in Telugu is only playing the Hindi version. That makes no sense.

Here’s a link:


The album:

Same here in the Netherlands! My friend and I are both huge fans of the song and were immensely disappointed that the version we came to know and love is no longer playing under the correct title. Naacho Naacho is a separate version that is *also* on Spotify, that should not be playing when I click Naatu Naatu 😞

Same here in the UK. Exact same issue as the screenshots and comments above. Is spotify in the Indian government's pocket and happy erasing a part of Indian culture? 

yup, same here, in canada selecting the Telegu "naatu naatu" version send you to a the hindi version, even has the wrong image with it in addition to just being a different song version

Hi there. No more telugu version in France too 

issue is still happening guys, why isn't this addressed yet? play the song you are titling here. I expect to hear naatu naatu not naacho naacho if it's titled naatu naatu.

Same behavior. Wth. This happened with Bhediya songs sometime ago too and now I can see the songs. I am sure it's something to do with licensing.

Same in Mexico, thought it was a weird bug, saddened that they haven't fixed this 😕

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