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Neil Young and now Joni Mitchell?

Neil Young and now Joni Mitchell?







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What are you thinking. I've been a premium member for 6+ years and yet you promote a podcast over music? I've backed you over Amazon Music, but there's not much point of you can't play the music I want to listen to. 



6 Replies

I totally agree. Spotify get your act together and get these musicians back on. 

You can get them all on Apple Music for the same price, and in much better quality. Works on Android and Windows. You can use something like the SongShift app to move all your playlists over and just be done with all this Spotify nonsense.


The whole M1 Apple Silicon debacle was bad enough, but I gave them another chance, now they've really blown it. I'm done. Apple Music all the way.

thanks for the advice. Particularly the bit about playlists as I have some
very large examples which have been built up over years.

The only catch with SongShift is the free version can only do one playlist at a time. But seeing as I only had about 10 lists I did them all one by one. However, there seem to be tons of other apps out there doing a similar thing, Google is our friend 🙂 Spotify is not 😞

Off Spotify as of today. I'm doing a trial period with Tidal as they seem to have kept their focus on music. I can get podcasts anywhere....don't need Spotify for that. My Spotify subscription will expire in mid-February. I don't expect to be back since they have made it clear that profit takes priority over principle. 

Ok, well I decided to take a look at Amazon music instead and it's cheaper and works with my devices so, let's give it a go.


You can bump your Spotify account down to a free account without losing much and that will stop them taking any more money at the next payment cycle. Then you can use a free tool like to transfer your playlists (in to lots of destinations, but I sent them to Amazon Music). 


Amazon music will give you 30 days free and then it's £7.99 per month compared to Spotify's £9.99 . So a little saving. Got to be worth it and if my money isn't being given to a Covid-sceptic then all to the good.

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