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New Releases - Followed Artists

New Releases - Followed Artists






My Question or Issue

Why doesn't the 'what's new' feature (via app) contain all the recent releases from my followed artists?

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Hey! Welcome to our community! I hope I can explain it well for you.

There are several reasons why some recent releases from artists you follow may not appear in the "What's New" feature on Spotify:

Content Update: Spotify periodically updates its content features, so it's possible that some recent releases have not been added to the feature yet.


Content Limitations: Spotify has content licensing agreements with various publishers and record labels, and some releases may not be available due to these agreements.


Personalization: The "What's New" feature is personalized for each user based on their previous listens and interactions with content, so it's possible that some releases may not appear if they are not aligned with your musical interests.


Filter: You may have set up a filter on your profile, which could be preventing some releases from appearing in the "What's New" feature. Make sure to check your settings and see if any filter is active.


Thanks for responding.

I can't see anything in my settings which would be preventing anything coming through under 'What's New,'  pls advise which specifically I should look at to ensure this is the case.


Some artists haven't released material for a few years - as such I probably wouldn't listen to them recently so it seems likely I'd miss anything new if the suggestions are based on what I've recently listened to. In essence I'm relying on Spotify to alert me to new releases from my 'followed' artists. Indeed, that's the primary function of me marking them as being 'followed.' That it doesn't do this appears to me to be a fundamental flaw?

Hey @tasty_snacks,

Could you send us a screenshot that shows that you've followed the artist in question, one where the latest date of a release can be seen in their profile & one screenshot of your 'What's New' feed for the date of the last release from the artist?

Also please keep in mind that the 'What's New' feed only contains up to a 100 of the latest content releases within the last 2 months from followed artists and shows. This may result in some of the items not being listed.


We'll be on the lookout for your response! 🙂

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