New Releases under Discover tab is gone?


New Releases under Discover tab is gone?


I'm not talking about the sibling tab New Releases right next to Discover tab. I'm talking about New Releases segment under the Discover tab itself where it shows you the newly released singles, EPs and albums of musicians and bands you listen to. It's right below Top Recommendations For You segment. It was gone for a few weeks like two months ago. It came back for like a week and now it's gone again. 


Is it a bug or is it an indication of no new releases from the musicians/bands I listened to? I doubt it's the latter because this has always been present even and I'm listening to more and more music every week. By right, I should be seeing even more New Releases.


If it's a bug, how do I fix this? Please help! 

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Re: New Releases under Discover tab is gone?


Mine has gone too - I use this all the time :/