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New releases for you is gone


New releases for you is gone


On the android App

On discover : the "new releases for you" has disappeared 

It's gone

I am using Galaxy S7 android 8 

PS- the new player interface is much worse than it used to be

Please return the former player





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Yes its back !!!! ๐Ÿ˜

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In the browse tab of the app there is a personalized playlist in the discover section called release radar. On my android phone release radar is right next to discover weekly. New name same idea. The interface is always changing slightly. Life is change. I personally, not paid by spotify, quite enjoy both the above mentioned personalized playlists. Discovery is important. Hope this helps.

Browse (Tab)

Discover (Tile)

Release Radar (Tile)


But that not what I meant 

Release Radar is not something new

There always used to be release radar + new releases for you

And now the "new releases for you" is gone

And it used to be an excellent feature

Please please please bring this right back.


Now I'm being suggested artists to listen to instead but I just want to know if there are any new releases of those artists I follow.


Why was on earth was this feature removed? We've gone backwards!

I am missing this feature as well, it was my first visit every Friday morning. doesn't seem to make any sense why it was removed!

I'm hoping it's a mistake. 

Every Friday morning the first thing I do is check out all of the new releases from artists I follow (via โ€œnew releases for youโ€). Not only do I not want to scroll through countless releases I donโ€™t care about from the main new releases list...but also many artists I follow donโ€™t even show up there. Fix this!

Marked as solution

Yes its back !!!! ๐Ÿ˜

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