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No audio on Humble Pie eponymous debut album

No audio on Humble Pie eponymous debut album



im not sure where to post this but there does not seem to be any audio when Humble Pie’s first album “Humble Pie” is played.




7 Replies

Hey @Kirby224


Do you mean this album:


I don't seem to have issues with this. Can you try listening to this on the web player?

If you can listen to it on the web player, then you should reinstall your Spotify client to give it new life. 🙂
Sometimes programs may end up having little errors in its system files, and reinstalling irons them out.


In case you're still having trouble, let me know!

The album does not play on my mobile app (running iOS). The track time is
running and everything looks normal but there is no audio. All other albums
play with no problems.



Alright, that's weird indeed.

Is it still doing that after reinstalling? Did you try the web player (you can open it on computer)?
You can also try listening to that on a different network connection.


These steps are necessary to determine the real cause of the issue (is the album broken, or is your client a little mischievous). 🙂

Nope. It doesn’t play on the web player either. I would have been really surprised if it had since this is the only album I have had this problem with out of the thousands I’ve listened to. And the problem is consistent, not intermittent.


Also, now I have discovered a problem with one of the other Humble Pie albums titled “Rock On” - the tracks do not start & stop where they are supposed to. The songs cross over between tracks. 


Check it out:


Hey @Kirby224


It's weird, really!

I don't have issues with either of them.

I suggest you to contact Spotify Support, so the team can take a look. 🙂

Choose 'I want to report broken song or wrong song information', click on 'I still need help!', fill in the information needed, and then click on Send Question.


Let me know if you have more questions 🙂

I will let them know. Thanks for your help.


By the way, I listened to most of the Humble Pie “Rock On” album during my commute this morning and realized that some of the songs being played were never even on that album. The musical content is from a completely different album. I used Shazam and a couple of the songs played were “Black Coffee” and “I Believe To My Soul” which are  on completely different albums. This is in addition to the long crossovers on the tracks. 


Thanks again for for your help and have a great weekend!

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