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No more Christian genre? Rather disappointing

No more Christian genre? Rather disappointing

When could we get Christian genre back up again?!!

17 Replies

same thought

Yeah, just noticed it's missing. What happened? Any way to get it back?

Hello everyone, have you guys overlooked the Christian section? It is placed under Browse ----> OVERVIEW ----> GENERS AND MOODS -----> Christian is placed between Sleep and Hip Hop. 

That's the problem - it used to be there, and now it isn't!

Yep - exactly. It was there and now it isn't.

Ok, not sure what happened, but, I've restarted my computer and now the genre is back - between "Reggae" and "Word".

found out it is only on my mobile that the Christian genre is missing. The genre still exist in PC version, wondering if it's the same in web or chrome version

Not on my PC version or mobile 😞

I noticed that recently, knew it used to be up because it used a dove as a symbol in the genres and moods.

Was on it not that long ago, must have been just recently when they took it off. Hopeull they will  bring it back onto it

What about Jewish genre, Buddhist genre, Muslim genre, Hindu genre, Hopi genre, etc???

I'm going to assume the best from your post (i.e. that you're not trolling). Not sure why you bought that into this discussion - it has nothing to do with what we're posting about. In fact this post has nothing to do with any other genres that may, or may not be, on Spotify. This is not about a new feature/playlist request. This is a question about a genre that was (and still is) on Spotify for quite some time and appeared to not be on Spotify any more.

For anyone having trouble with this - it's back (and has been for some time). The solution was me restarting my computer. If you're having trouble seeing the genre I'd recommend you restart Spotify and, if that doesn't work, your computer.

Oops! I thought this was disappointing because it WAS there. Good luck with your archaic mind control folks. I'm all for being good people, but I don't need the violence and hate mongering at worst, or the subtle implicit judgment that goes along with christianity or any organized religion. 

Yeah, I'm serioursly disappointed. There was heaps of people that tuned into that genre/mood and listened to those playlists. 

Hi all, I’ve been discussing this in another group and we found that users in Australia and New Zealand (including me) can’t see the Christian genre but those in America can. So I’ve contacted support and am waiting for their response.

Further to my last post, if you search for ‘Christian Genre bring it back to the genre page’ in this community you’ll find it under ideas and can vote there for it to be restored.

Hey all, just need 11 more votes (100 needed) to get this reviewed and I’m staying in touch with support to make sure it happens, as it was removed without any reason. Please vote now at  ‘Christian Genre bring it back to the genre page’ post in this community.

Voting at the ‘Christian Genre bring it back to the genre page’ ideas post has reached 101 now so should trigger a review by Spotify according to their procedures. I’ve also written again to to be sure they’re aware.

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