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No new album release section under heavy metal genre

No new album release section under heavy metal genre

As a heavy metal fan, I have recently found that this genre is no longer showing any new releases at all. Other genres have this feature still. 


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Is this being rectified, as it is a nightmare trying to find new albums

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Hi @Steven5573!


Could you share a screenshot of how things look on your end? Also, does this persist when you log in to another device or on the Web Player?


Keep us posted on this. Cheers!

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Yes I’m finding this aswell .

No new weekly album releases in the metal genre which is very annoying . I’m having to switch to Apple Music to find new releases and then generally switching back to Spotify to download . 
Not ideal . Same on every platform 


There are no albums at all under Metal genre. 

Just two rows of playlist fir a select few artists. 

This is the worst load out I have ever seen. 

I'm currently trialing amazon music and that is miles better with latest album releases. 

I've tried all the delete cache methods and reloading the app. I've been with you guys for a long long time but this is really **bleep** atm.

Please fix or im off 


I have the exact same issue, no new release section I'd like to be able to see metal albums.

Hi mate ,


Its not a deal breaker for me really  . I still think Spotify is the best out there and at least they listen to their followers .


There are numerous web sites which comprehensively , weekly list new releases but I just think that Spotify need to allocate the metal genre to someone who has knowledge of it and can devote some care and passion  to it  - it’s inconvenient to have to search other web sites . As a genre it is criminally overlooked and poorly run and supervised ….ironic since it is so globally loved . 
Come on Spotify ……. Get someone who knows their stuff to rejeuvenate this section ✊🏻


same issue here on all Platforms (including Android and Apple).

Seems to be an issue for some years now (check search: "metal new releases")

And the Moderators be like: "can you post a screenshot or clear cache?"

this is annoying.



Same here for some weeks now. A bunch of playlists but no "new releases" section...

I noticed this anomaly too. The problem manifests both in the Windows desktop app, as well as in any browser.


When looking at one of my most played genres - Metal - I'm only offered "main new releases", which consists of 2 rows of some mainstream bands. I can't continue scrolling because there's nothing more being offered.


This is exactly what happens when I use Spotify with a browser.

The following is a print from the desktop app:




However, when using a browser I can actually gather some useful information, such as URL's looking messed up when browsing certain genres.


Going into Rock, or Pop, or EDM-Dance, they all have a simple URL which is the following:





Opening up the Metal genre leads me to this broken URL:



By just trying the former mentioned URL format ( I was able to find actual new metal releases!



I have no idea how I'm supposed to translate this to the desktop app, but I guess that's Spotify's problem to handle.

Would you please look at my reply and forward it to a developer or something?

Sort it out...!! does work on web using this link.



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