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No podcasts in Kazakhstan after 2 years since launch

No podcasts in Kazakhstan after 2 years since launch

Just why? We pay twice as Russia and still can’t access podcasts. What the **bleep** with your service?!

7 Replies

2023 is in, but we still not have podcasts just open it for us lol


Why they not allow us to listen a podcasts? Please, open podcasts for Kazakhstan.

Hi everybody!

Please vote for the idea below. That's about adding podcasts in Kazakhstan


Says "Access Denied"

Please, add podcast for Kazakhstan

2024 and we're still grieving about an absence of podcasts 

Hello everyone!

As a Spotify user, I would really like to have access to podcasts. Currently, it's not available in our country.

I believe it's a significant oversight to restrict access to podcasts, as they are a crucial tool for sharing creativity, knowledge, and ideas worldwide. As an English teacher, it's very frustrating that I can't simply tell my students, "Listen to a podcast on Spotify" and send them a link. Instead, we have to use YouTube.

I think it would be a big step for Spotify as a platform and beneficial for both users and creators. Many people can't use all that Spotify offers because of regional filters.

I'm from Kazakhstan, and as I mentioned, I don't have access to podcasts. I watch many podcasts on YouTube, though I would happily listen to them all in one app. My husband wanted to subscribe to Spotify, but he changed his mind because there are no podcasts available here in Kazakhstan. Also, my younger sister listens to music with me, and I would love to introduce her to podcasts.

Podcasts replace books for the new generation. They are educational. They provide an opportunity to share and showcase creativity with people from different countries.

By sharing this idea, I hope the regional filter restrictions will be reconsidered. After all, everyone has the right to education and self-expression, don't they?

Share your stories. What do you think about this idea?

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