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Noah Gundersen's new album

Noah Gundersen's new album

When will spotify release Noah Gundersen's new album: Carry the ghost? Apple has it already - no pressure 😉

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From the wikipedia artist page information that I found, that release at least the full release version not the current singles off of it already available, the full release does not happen until August 21, 2015. Music listeners have about two and half more weeks until the official full release drops.

Although this single:


And this single:



These two singles from the new full release forth coming are available, might check back in a few more days to see if the other two singles from the new release become available just before official release date?

Thanks a lot @JAYLB hadn't noticed the 2 singles.

Just a general FYI be on the look out for new content every Friday based on your time zone of course. As that is the general weekly new material release dump for full releases and singles that become available that the Spotify system does. Of course throughout the week new and older stuff gets added as well, just depends on when something becomes available to the Spotify service as well when it becomes available to listening regions approved.

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