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Not OK: Potentially malicious advertisement

Not OK: Potentially malicious advertisement

I was listening to Spotify just now, and an ad popped up at the bottom saying "This content requires Java Update 13.6 / Would you like to update it now? [Install] [Continue]" Out of curiosity (knowing full well it was a hoax, as the current version of Java is version 8 update 45, not "13.6"), I clicked on it. I was taken to a site presenting a bogus EULA for a "player" it wanted me to download. (Link)


I found this advertisement personally unacceptable because I'm a computer service technician, and this is how people end up with junk and/or malware on their computers. This is not advertising, this is malicious content distribution.


Thank you



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Can you give a little bit more information so this can be flagged and forwarded so the issue can be looked into? Can you disclose your listening location to narrow down the ad service who might have fed this kind of ad to you?

Hi @JayLB,


Sorry I didn't see this earlier. Apparently my Spotify account is connected to an old email address.


I think I may have been listening to something like Asking Alexandria or Motioneless in White.





Ok I escalated this thread. But it will help loads to post your listening location, just the Country that you signed up with Spotify will be fine. As there are many ad markets, the listening location is key in tracking down the ad vert so corrections can be made.



An update, I have been asked to pass along a question as to if you are currently still seeing this ad and if so how recent?

I'm in the United States.


I haven't seen the ad again, but I haven't been using Spotify much. Sorry I can't help more.

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