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Not okay with "White Power" music.

Not okay with "White Power" music.

I don't know what Spotify thinks but i feel that i atleast have to raise this question to not allow the artist Saga and her albums "ian collection". I can live with Ultima Thule and other "patriotic" artists but Saga and her love for ian stuart, a WHITE POWER artist? I think Spotify is an awesome app/music provider but that doesn't mean that everything should be allowed. So please, atleast consider to make this kind of music not available?

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Definitely good idea. I think this kind of music should not be tolerated here. Or anywhere, for that matter.


I do my best to avoid this kind of music but when it turns up (for reasons i can not understand since i don't listen to this stuf) in the "weekly songs" playlist from spotify (a playlist i absolutely loves) i feel like i am being pushed to take action. I must also admit that i am a person that believes in free speech, in music, movies and so on. But somewhere a line should be drawn. This world has to much hate, from both sides. Fanatics, religion, race, blood, politics. And to let it "flow freely" to anyone can lead someone down a path of darkness. All i wanted was to atleast shine a light on this because i felt, as a person, that it was just not right to celebrate/worship/praise a person that stood for something that put a dark & deadly mark in history. Did i have any real hope that one voice would echo and make this kind of music a no no? Honestly no. Did i hope that my voice atleast could raise the question and hopefully warn other people that might have children that this kind of music exist? Yes i did.

Music at its CORE is about freedom of speech and freedom of expression... Who are we to tell someone what they can say or think ?? This belief also forms the basis to a great deal of the worlds democracies....

With that said, I DESPISE HATEFUL MUSIC !! We can certainly lampoon and shame these people ( i do it all the time) but when you start to openly censor people it has the opposite effect, it popularizes their disgusting message and makes sociopaths into martyrs.

Also, there is no such thing as the right to not be offended... Sorry thats just how life is.... BUT please take every opportunity to shame these people by any means because they deserve zero respect from any sane person especially if their platform and message is one of hate and division !!! So yeah, ostracize them but don't censor....


PS, i think that aspect of humanity is probably one of its worst, I know and FEEL that fear and hate towards a person based on the color of their skin is abhorent and the systemic levels of opression that result from such "beliefs" have got to end, It's just wholly disgusting and it astonishes me that people waste their lives hating others.... And i also think that right now in america there is almost no greater thing we need to accomplish than the abbolishment of instatutionalized inequality. 

Hope this helped some, And stay aware please, the best defense agains these people is to immediately refute and disprove their immoral messages.... 🙂

ALSO !!! Here's a song that i feel embodies what a great deal of people of color the world around have to endure on a daily basis. just found it yesterday and its nothing short of breathtaking...

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Picking Up Where i Left Off.


@darkstar82 Spotify takes this kind of complaint very seriously.


Please email us via our contact form so we can look into this and decide what action to take. Thank you!

I tried to do it before i wrote i my original post here but for some reason it don't let me choose the correct form. There is alot of options and i don't know what is the correct to use, best i could find was the one that sent me to the "community". Will try again and hopefully find the mail one.

Spotify shouldn't do anything. You're not a baby, and Spotify shouldn't have to play content police. If you don't like an artist, then don't listen to them.


Who decides what is offensive? There are millions of songs in the Spotify catalog which are objectively offensive to a majority of the population. It shouldn't be their responsibility to reinforce your bubble and protect you from the world. You're not special, you're not entitled to live your life without being offended by anything.



I don't know the artist, I don't know the track, don't agree with the "White Power" message, but I certainly don't agree that an artist's music should be removed from a music streaming service because their beliefs don't align with mainstream views.  There are billions of people in the world, with billions of different ideas, and nobody is going to like every single one of those ideas.  All of those different ideas are what keeps the world an interesting place, maybe not the most harmonious, but definetly interesting.  The music available on Spotify shouldn't be dictated by the message within a song or the artists beliefs, because every song and artist is entitled to convey their own message, regardless of the subject matter.  I'm sorry that you are offended by that artist, but it is simple, just don't listen to them.  Do you honestly think it would be fair for that content to be removed, just because you (or popular beliefs) don't like that artist or their beliefs?  I hate Justin Bieber, I hate how everyone worships him even though he didn't write any of the songs he sings and doesn't have an ounce of real talent, does that mean Justin Bieber should be removed from Spotify?  We all don't like the same things or support the ideas, but it doesn't mean an artists content should be removed.


The problem is that Spotify tries to push white power music on people who don't want to listen to it via Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, artist radios et.c. and there is no way to block it.

@liftarn please know this is not the case. We take this kind of complaint very seriously and take action to remove these songs once they are flagged with us. 


Please email us via our contact form so we can look into this. 

@Meredith While I'm quite confident that Spotify deals with the obvious hard core white power bands there are still many, many white power light artists available. The may prefer to be called "patriotic rock", "viking rock" (not the same as viking metal), "RAC", "hatecore" or something like that and the lyrics may be less obvious.

I don't think Spotify wants to go into this gray area, but it would be nice to give the users the tools they need to be able to reject it themselves.

Hi @liftarn if you would send us link to the specific bands you're referring to it would be a great help. Please go through our contact forms so our teams can handle this as quickly as possible. Thank you

What option on the contact form should be used for that? The closest is suggestions/feedback that leads right back here.

Hey @liftarn please follow these steps:


I want to report a broken song or wrong song information > I still need help > Put in the Song URI, your name, and the reason you're reporing it. 


Thank you

At least some form of compromise should be allowed to blacklist / whitelist certain musicians from our Discover Weekly or Personal Recommendation Playlist, since Spotify is all about that. 


Not only for the offensive or politcally sensitive one, I am just tired being recommended **bleep**ty anime covers.

As long as we can still listen to rap songs about stealing cars,selling drugs to children,beating women,killing the White Devil and murdering people at will then this is fine.

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