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Open Up The Dancefloor by DJ THT (Remix Bundle)

Open Up The Dancefloor by DJ THT (Remix Bundle)

Please accept this release to Spotify.


It is sended to you many times and you every time decline it. On other streaming this is available.


Thanks to RGMusic Records, we can enjoy DJ Gollum Radio Edit... Which is best. But others? On compilation. Also Alex Megane Remix Edit by them. But CJ MKH? And the whole original release bundle? Originals we can find on DJ THT OUTD album. It's even on DJ Beat Records here ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


I know it's a way too much bass, but if you don't like bass, you are too weak Spotify!

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Hey @user-removed have you already tried contacting the record label to let them know you'd like to see it on Spotify? If you could share the record label here that would be great. 

Yes, I contacted label owner of Tough Stuff! Music / Big Beef!


He said this way:


"Hi Jyri. We are really sorry about this, but actually Spotify is not accepting our release this time. We tried to upload it to service plenty of times, but nothing gets released on this Remix Bundle of Open Up The Dancefloor on Spotify. We know, it's available everywhere else. We can't do a thing about this, as this is decision of Spotify what they release. Have a nice day!"


Please someone contact them and accept this release!!!





Hey @user-removed we want to have all of the world's music on Spotify. I can pass this on to a member of our team to follow-up. Thanks

Thank you!


And that's why I want to have all the music on my pocket.


It really should be avaialble what is provided to you officially way.


A lot of thanks.

Please add/accept my robust remix bundle!


It's sad as this piece is available for stream on Deezer, Rdio, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play... Soon it's time to go...


I want to switch sometimes from Remix Edites to long mixes, but it is inpossible w/o my DJ Gullum Remix on Spotify.


Just feel the heat, get up on your feet and dance the night way - open up the dancefloor!!!

Hey there.


From Spotify is no help to this.


Now I conatcted label again. They are going to push this release with DJ Beat Records Scandinavia and then it will be on Spotify too. They will deliver the content and then release will happen.


I was too close to change service just by this release not available. But this saved my life.


I was thinking about Google Play. But no reason anymore.


Thanks for solution tough stuff music.

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