Our music were moved from our artist profile without our permission.

Our music were moved from our artist profile without our permission.

Recently, my 10 tracks were moved from my Artist page to another artsit page with the same name. I wrote 3 emails to Spotify Artist Support, no one replied. I filled this from (https://artists.spotify.com/c/content-mismatch). I even talked to distributor and spotify didn't reply them as well. I'm out of option that's the reason why I am writing this here.
These are tracks and thier URIs that not on the right Artist profile:
Jungle Grave:                   spotify:album:5R1Gq8xb30NjYw17GqK4xZ
Help Me:                           spotify:album:3aPKvssUqRAbFjeQrntEe1
Pop In:                              spotify:album:1eFrZyvNAieVjZWUi1pc2Q
Up All Night:                     spotify:album:1eGsqG9OJh6yaMDQEesZH2
Guilt II:                              spotify:album:3owT1hfRyNi0Jbby2rRhi3
Kill Your Mind (Remixes): spotify:album:3RhQ5ky28vACE7Ih4zvKyE
West Turn:                        spotify:album:3rgvxS8xIdn4ImdRyaTWLp
Kill Your MInd:                  spotify:album:5Ivy7bwyyg01HHjIejIDS7
TPB:                                 spotify:album:3b7l4PBGNXsAfCSEK33F8w
This is the right artist profile:
Stereotype's URI: spotify:artist:0binTLIlGbXSMuzhRykbRq
Please help me move back my music to my artist page.
In addition if someone knows how to solve this issue, I'd like to know how can I prevent such things from happening in the future?
Thanks in advance.
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Hey @xxstereotypexx


Weird that you got no answer from Spotify Artists. Since you already contacted them, and received no reply, check your email address in your profile page to see if it's the correct one. Don't forget to check your spam folder for responses as they may end up there.


If needed, try filling out the regular contact form, and hopefully someone from Spotify can help you. Just be sure to tell them you already went to Spotify Artists.


If you get an automated email directing you to the community or help pages, you need to reply directly to that email (even if its from no-reply) and one of the customer services agents will get back to you.


Alternatively, if you prefer support via Twitter, you can tweet @SpotifyCares or message Spotify Cares Facebook.


Hope it helps. 🙂

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The fact is, I had problems with my music on Spotify, and they responded instantly. However, this time they still have not answered.

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