Overdosis of advertisements

Overdosis of advertisements


Dear Spotify,


I'd like to know if you have a problem with me personally, because I think we can work this out better by talking about than by sheer ear-torture.

Don't get me wrong, I completely understand why the free version of your service uses advertisements to still be provitable, but there's this thing called overdoing it. And you're doing it.

Several times, alot of times actually, I got to listen to three songs, then three advertisements, then three songs again. In fact, while i was typing this, I got an ad following two songs I just listened to, which I started listening to right after the last ads I got.

I like the service, but it's stuff like this that causes me to make sure I have every song that's in my spotify favourite list downloaded safe and sound on my computer where the evil advertisement lady isn't bombarding me with the sound of two cats playing table-tennis to make me buy spotify premium. (That's just mean by the way; I sincerely believe the person who thought of that should get a whole lot of fighting killerfrogs duct-taped to his face.)

Please don't give me so many advertisements. When one fifth of what I listen to on Spotify is ads, I think it's a bit much.

In the meantime, I'll be looking for similair services with a reasonable amount of ads, cheers for reading this message though.

P.S. : The evil advertisement lady's voice is about as annoying as that one friend that's really trying to fit in, but just doesn't. It's intentional, we both know it!

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