Pink Season Playing Wrong Songs


Pink Season Playing Wrong Songs

Plays different song to what I click on please fix
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Hey @Skinny_penis, help's here!


Reinstalling the app might be worth a shot in order to get this fixed. Just follow the steps here:


Let us know how that goes :)

Re: Pink Season Playing Wrong Songs


that's bull**bleep**
everyone is having this problem because spotify is into cencorship and being PC 

which is not ok
here I am paying for spotify premium so that I can liesten to my favourite **bleep**
and there's this artist that puts his art on spotify for us to liesten to
and spotfiy just goes ahead and ruins the **bleep** because they dont agree with it
this is not ok in anyway 

Re: Pink Season Playing Wrong Songs

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Hello there, sorry to read you are having a bad experience, could you possible post links to the content you are having issues with?


But as an aside, I listen to allot of extreme metal, explicit content that would warrant censorship as you claim. I have not had any issues of censorship in this regards. Sure some labels only make clean albums available on some artist pages and not the explicit version, but that is up to the labels which versions of releases to be available on the Spotify service.


Can you perhaps explain a bit more in detail what might be the issue you are having? For example are you coming across content labelled as explicit that is not really explicit content? Meta-data tagging is still a slight issue with certain labels that uploads content to the Spotify service. 



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Re: Pink Season Playing Wrong Songs


He's talking about the album Pink Season made by Pink Guy, his song "White is right" an obvious form of satire got removed and now all the titles of the songs in the album messed up, the titles don't match the songs anymore. And the fans of Pink Guy want "White is Right"back because it's hilarious

Re: Pink Season Playing Wrong Songs


Can Spotify hurry up and fix this problem? If you won't put "White Is Right" back, at least fix the names of the songs, they're incorrect! 

Re: Pink Season Playing Wrong Songs


I don't think it was "removed"; I'm pretty sure George took it off himself. It's not on the iTunes Store or Google Play either, and the YouTube video is unlisted. Not Spotify's fault

Re: Pink Season Playing Wrong Songs


july 2018 and still having the same problem...