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Placebo album "Loud like love" has disappeared


Placebo album "Loud like love" has disappeared

What happens to Spotify? Why do albums disappear suddenly? Placebo "Loud Like Love" was in my albums ...



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Hey @Kim_Larsen_2635

Spotify doesn't pull albums off itself. If it was up to just  Spotify, I'm pretty sure nothing would disappear... ever. 😉
Artists have control over the content they put on Spotify. Sometimes, such as due to licensing changes, artists may make their albums unavailable for some period of time.
It's a pretty common thing that some albums disappear and reappear, actually.

Hope that helped!

Yes this happened to me too, too many friends is still on my play list but exit wounds is gone and now can't find loud like love album at all. Just wanna listen to it after seeing them

Same. So annoying not being able to listen to exit wounds after the concert. 

I'll borrow the album from my local library, as this album is quite important to me. It's annoying that kind of happens on Spotify.

Well, I don't like that either. I understand why it happens and I try to be patient, but I have been buying all the important albums (rippin as wav). 🙂

Just so I can listen to the best music whenever.

But yeah, changes in licensing, sometimes artists decide to make just a partition of their material available... But if there's an album which has been unavailable for long or you can't find it on Spotify, you can ask the artist/label about it. They know better what's going on with their music than Spotify!

So my favorite song ever is "Hold on to me" which I cannot listen to anymore due to this. All of their other albums are still there, including the "A Place for Us to Dream" compilation, which contains some "Loud Like Love" songs... This is terrible.

Looks like it's back up yeah!!!!!

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