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Playable, but Unsearchable songs? (Hugo Maldoro - I know a little cuban)

Playable, but Unsearchable songs? (Hugo Maldoro - I know a little cuban)


I was trying to find Hugo Maldoro - I know a little Cuban, (I think it's a Bonobo mix). I found it at ( which redirects me to Spotify where I can play it. But within the Spotify interface, the song is unsearchable. Both the song and the artist actually.

This is the song link for spotify (spotify:track:0grBovHMiOKJx6qH8WYeHl),


I assume it's not a bug, so it must be a feature?

2 Replies

Hi there, just plugged in your link into my search bar on the Spotify desktop app and the song was available for me to click and play on. I don't think Hugo Maldoro has an official Spotify page as his sole track on the "Cafe Latino" album isn't present on his linked "page". it could be an issue with provincial licensing, as I remember when I was hunting for a song that was clearly available to in other countries (namely the US), but wasn't working for me here in New Zealand, SpotifyNZ facebook help said that we had yet to get licensing for the particular song. Maybe trying connecting with your country's Spotify page i.e SpotifyNZ, SpotifyUS etc. and ask them directly to see whether you guys have the song available to you?? idk just plugging in my experience. hope it gets fixed for you so you get to listen to some good latin lounge 🙂

Thank you, I appreciate your answer!


Since I have the song in my playlist, its no great suffering for me personally. But I'm thinking about everyone else, trying to find this amazing tune, but can't, and might have to listen to some hitlist-pop instead 😞

I have actually, after originally posting, found a couple of more slightly obscure songs or remixes which are playable but not searchable. Kind of a weird anti-feature, but I guess you're on to something regarding the different regional licensings.

Just wanna add a reminding shout out to the fact that I'm in Northern Europe, and you're in New Zealand, and we can share and discuss music between us. Pretty cool. Futureishere.



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