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Playlist + album disappeared, cant be found again.

Playlist + album disappeared, cant be found again.

I found the newest Butcher Babies album on Spotify.
I used to have my Spotify Premium as a bonus with my cellphone company deal, but Ive switched company and now I cant find the album anymore.
I did already purchase the Spotify Premium. So things should be as they were before, but clearly not.
Help meh, plox! 😐

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That is one of the new albums of 2015 on the Century Media label that ended up not being set for the change over to the Sony music group when they purchased the Century media label. Have a read on this post I made about content on the Century media label: 


"Hey guys give some of these new releases from Century Media a few more weeks, even more so the new releases that have been temporarily pulled due to the Sony/Century Media buyout. Some new content has already come back from Devin Townsend and other artists and some material has not yet come back, I would give a couple more weeks, as new content uploads usually happen on Friday's now. This release by Paradise Lost, plus Napalm Death's and Marduk's new releases for this year have become unavailable currently. As well as In Flames past material that was released under the Century Media label, has temporarily been pulled. And this has happened at another Streaming music rival as well, so this all is down to the labels Sony/Century Media now which content will come back with new licenses."


Probable going to take some time to get all the content back up again, and with the holiday season approaching some of this might be hindered some to see if physical CD sales could pick up some for some of these 2015 new releases.

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