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Playlist grow and engagement died.

Playlist grow and engagement died.

Hello Community.


My name is Bernardo curator of music like: House, Techno and Electronic Dance Music on Spotify.


3 weeks ago i noticed a big drop on our daily followers gain. Our biggest playlist with 174k followers was getting 200 daily followers and now it just gets around 20 daily followers.


Have anyone experienced the same situation?


Techno Playlist








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Actually, yes.. I'm really happy another 3rd party curator is experiencing this problem.

I have some "tin foil" hat thoughts about it 😉 but I'll keep those to myself.

However, I did notice the playlist follower count pick up again.


to be honest, it drives me mad trying to figure out where people are coming from and how to reach them (or keep reaching them) and even more so when the count drops.

Sometimes it can drop for a day and then pick up almost doubled the next - so, I blame those small discrepancies on the sync system at Spotify 🙂


However, I have not clear answer for you. I'm guessing these things will remain a mystery.

Thanks for sharing your idea, well my list remains dead, it's losing followers and not getting any at all :s

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