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Playlist with only saved songs, not albums


Playlist with only saved songs, not albums

Casual Listener

I save a lot of albums, and when i'm shuffling my saved songs, i get mostly those larger albums. Does anyone know of a way that i can create a playlist that only contains the songs i save on their own?



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Casual Listener

Hi Dvdcd,


All saved music goes to the same place, so when you shuffle your Saved Music it shuffles the entire library. However, you can make your own playlist with individual songs that you save rather than adding entire albums.


Hope this helps!


It is always an option to unsave the songs you do not want listening to on your shuffle. Also, as stated in the comments, you can create an individual playlist with specific songs you have already have saved. This option is also accessible in the library. If you create your own playlist you are able to edit the options at any time. Furthermore, on a playlist with a more general type of music, spotify will make suggestions of similar songs you may like. Otherwise, if the music is all from the same album you could just shuffle play that album.