[Playlists] Why Bjork playlist is so poor?

[Playlists] Why Bjork playlist is so poor?


Bjork has a discography of atleast 8 different records but all there is in this artist's list is 1 full record, Vulnicura which is the most recent record from her (and Gling-glo when she was 7y/o ¬_¬,  I mean come on¡). The rest are just remixes and a few songs from different records


I'm sure it has nothing to do with the difficulty to find her material, as I've searched for her material in other platforms and they do have it.

I've been able to find full discography others artists in this platform and Bjork has a lot of demand I'm sure.

So, If there's a solution to this problem I wish to know. Otherwise this will be a great reason to start using another alternative, as Bjork is my favorite Artist.

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