Please bring back my Year in Music

Please bring back my Year in Music


Hey Spotify Team,


Hope this finds you well, 


I'm writing this post in hope of bringing back "My Year in Music" which was available to users in 2014 and 2015. I understand that this year Spotify replaced this feature with "Spotify Year in 2016", along with "Your Top Songs in 2016". While the "Your Top Songs in 2016" playlist is nice to have, I miss the old data analytics provided  in the 2015 Year in Review where you would show Top Artists and songs by month, along with the time I spent listening to music throughout the year in one consolidated page. Also, if there is a way to create a collage out of all my most listened albums throughout the year, with the more listened to albums being bigger in the collage, that would be cool.


I understand that Spotify changed the Year In Music to reach more people this year. However, if you could also provide this feature for next year, that would be awesome and much appreciated.









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