Please take me to the alley!

Please take me to the alley!


He guys,

I hope someone is able to help me: 

Can anybody tell me why I can't find the latest album of Gregory Porter on Spotify?

I mean, they brought two singles of the album on time, but the album, released at May 6th, isn't there?

I'm waitin' that hard for it! 

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It was there in full on its release date but appears to have been removed.





Not sure what is up, all I can find is just the self titled single. Might wait a week or two, the release was done by Blue Note, and they have a solid presence on the Spotify service, maybe there was an issue with the content and it was taken down temporary? I would check back Friday coming up and see if the content comes back. Friday's is when new content, a large portion of it gets added to the Spotify service now.


OK thank you... Sad 😕 

I've been in the hospital on last friday so I couldn't listen to it in first place


It's now 11 days after the release date. On Apple Music you can listen to it... It's depressing, I'm paying 10€ a month to not listen to my favourite musician? He's even the reason why I started with Spotify. Could maybe somebody of the Spotify team give a comment, why it isn't where it should be?

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