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[Podcasts] Support Joe Rogan! Stand against censorship.

[Podcasts] Support Joe Rogan! Stand against censorship.


Thank you Spotify for not taking down Joe Rogan’s podcast. He is not spreading disinformation, he is asking questions. He’s asking questions that a lot of people have including myself. Don’t censor him because some people don’t agree with some of the discussions being had. Continue to support the freedom of speech and ideas. Don’t bow to the woke crowd. 

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The First Amendment protects individuals against government interference with free speech. Spotify is not the government. It is not censorship for a private company to deplatform a person who continues to amplify lies about Covid vaccines during a pandemic which has lead to the death of millions in the US. Covid is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated who selfishly take up over 90% of hospital beds, exhaust medical personnel, and prevent quality care of vaccinated people who require emergency care, hospitalization and surgery for non-Covid life-threatening conditions.  It is irresponsible for Spotify to excuse its behavior by stating it does not want to monitor content, when it is fully aware that it is false and results in death. 


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