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Pq minhas playlist são interrompidas??

Pq minhas playlist são interrompidas??

Minhas músicas estão sendo interrompidas no meio das minhas atividades físicas. Qual será o motivo??
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There are several reasons why your music might be interrupted during physical activities:

Network Connection: If you’re streaming music, an unstable internet connection can cause interruptions. Try downloading your music for offline playback.
Bluetooth Interference: If you’re using Bluetooth headphones, interference or distance between your device and headphones can cause disruptions. Ensure your device is close and there are no obstacles.
Battery Saving Mode: Some devices have battery-saving modes that may interrupt music playback. Check your device settings and disable any power-saving features.
Notifications and Calls: Incoming notifications or calls can interrupt your music. Enable “Do Not Disturb” mode during your workouts.
App Issues: The music app itself might have issues. Ensure your app is updated to the latest version or try using a different app.
Storage Issues: Low storage on your device can affect app performance. Free up some space on your device.
Hardware Problems: There might be an issue with your device or headphones. Try using a different device or headphones to see if the problem persists.



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