Presale Codes. Who gets them?

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Spotify sends out pre-sale codes to the top fans of an artist or band, based on streaming data. There's more information about Fan First emails here. If you haven't received an email with a pre-sale code, I'm afraid you're not eligible for this one.


To make sure you'll receive Fan First emails in the future make sure you’ve opted in to the emails and that Spotify has your correct email address.


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Re: Metallica Presale Code


I read online when I googled it that you just need to be part of this community group? They don't make it very clear do they!

Re: Presale Codes. Who gets them?



I wonder how much you need to listen to an artist to get a chance on the code?? I have yet to get a code and I am a very frequent listener! What are the chances of getting one anyway? It feels like one in 10 million perhaps.. Also do you happen to know if there will be presale codes available for B T S upcoming tour? (Still unannounced though, but dates might drop any minute).


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