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Presale Concert Tickets


Presale Concert Tickets

Fans First emails are our way of thanking our artists’ biggest Spotify fans with unique or exclusive offers. Previous treats have included:

  • Access to presale tickets for upcoming concerts.
  • Access to exclusive merch items not available anywhere else.
  • Invites to special artist events.

If you want to get your hands on a Spotify Presale Concert Code you have to do the following to be eligilble (a code is not guaranteed):


1.  Log into your account page's notification settings to make sure you’ve opted in to Artist Updates emails.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 5.08.09 PM.png




2. Make sure we have your correct email address here. If there's a spelling mistake in your email then you won't get the code. 


Please know these campaigns are run on a first come first serve basis, so it’s possible that it may be full. You can contact the ticket company running the presale to check this.


If you've received one of these emails, congratulations!


Spotify Presale Ticket FAQs:


Do I have to have a Premium account to be eligilble?

Nope, these offers are open to everyone with a Spotify account.


My code or the ticket link doesn't work. 

If your code or the ticket link doesn't work, you’ll need to get in touch with the ticketing company running this offer.


I followed the ticket link in the presale email but I can't see the presale option? 


These campaigns are run on a first come first serve basis, so it’s possible that it may be full. You can contact the ticket company running the presale to check this.


I took advantage of the presale for a concert but have not yet received my ticket.

Spotify is not involved with the delivery of tickets. You’ll need to contact the ticket provider for more info.


Can I cancel/ refund a presale ticket?

We don’t handle purchasing for presale ticket offers, so it’s best to contact the companies responsible. The email you received about the offer should include a link to the correct ticketing company. They can help with:

  • Code issues.
  • Shipping/Delivery questions.
  • Cancellation/refunds.
359 Replies

I guess there is a chance at that, but I am not sure this is the correct
forum for that.

My question started about Foo Fighters presale, but all I've gotten are
requests for presale code for every other band.

I have not come acrossone premium user that has gotten presale code

I listen to spotify all day as a premium user and have never received a code to a show, especially Jack Johnson and his style of music. So spotify, feel free to send a code over this way!

I hear ya.
We have family account, we set up an extra device to play one band
continuously to see if we can get a Spotify presale code.

Does anyone have a Sleeping With Sirens pre-sale code? They go on sale for Spotify tommorrow 😞

Not sure if this is the correct forum for that.

I have yet to get a single presale code for any artist I listen to, I have no idea, how or why, because it seems almost impossible.

I listen to Jack Johnson and maybe three other bands. I know there is  acode for presale tickets to JJ in Atlanata, but I never got any message with any code. Why is it that I have never got any codes? None for Alabama Shakes, None for Jack Johnson....nothing ever. Wher does one get these codes sent to? I want to purchase Jack Johnson tickets but when I look at emails, spotify account and anywhere else i can think of there is no code. Help please.


I have not either, beginning to wonder if it is just for premium customers or if there are really codes at all.


My presale code for Jack Johnson isn't working... I'm trying to buying tix for the St. Augustine show on Oct. 2. Can anyone help?

Im trying to buy tickets for Jack Johnson in Perfect Vodka Palm Beach Oct 5th 2017.. I'm Spotify premium user and Jack Johnson is my top played artist.. Why or how can i get the pre-sale offer code?

Screenshot 2017-07-18 10.09.09.png

i just had another tour with a spotify code and the code wouldn;t work on my computer, but my friend could get the code to work on hers so she had to buy mine instead. seems like spotify codes are being weird and not working for most

What code are you using?

I don't have one for this tour, but another Spotify presale that started today, wouldn't work for my but my friend did it right away 😞

Im in the same boat as you. Wondering who I can contact about this.

From the information provided, I've gathered that I'm not eligible for a concert presale code. I've been waiting to buy tickets to his Oct 5th show for weeks. I've been listening to Jack Johnson for years and pay for my premium subscription every month. What data constitutes as "eligible?" This doesn't sit well with me, Spotify.

was really looking forward to Sleeping With Sirens pre-sale today, but i guess didn't qualify. 😪

of course you didn't qualify, but idk anyone who ever has, the only time ive gotten a code is when the artist themselves gave it out 😞

That one the band gave out on the FB post, FYI

Good luck.
I haven't had any luck with spotify presale codes.

Do you have to be a premium member in order to be legible for this offer?

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