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Presale Concert Tickets


Presale Concert Tickets

Fans First emails are our way of thanking our artists’ biggest Spotify fans with unique or exclusive offers. Previous treats have included:

  • Access to presale tickets for upcoming concerts.
  • Access to exclusive merch items not available anywhere else.
  • Invites to special artist events.

If you want to get your hands on a Spotify Presale Concert Code you have to do the following to be eligilble (a code is not guaranteed):


1.  Log into your account page's notification settings to make sure you’ve opted in to Artist Updates emails.

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 5.08.09 PM.png




2. Make sure we have your correct email address here. If there's a spelling mistake in your email then you won't get the code. 


Please know these campaigns are run on a first come first serve basis, so it’s possible that it may be full. You can contact the ticket company running the presale to check this.


If you've received one of these emails, congratulations!


Spotify Presale Ticket FAQs:


Do I have to have a Premium account to be eligilble?

Nope, these offers are open to everyone with a Spotify account.


My code or the ticket link doesn't work. 

If your code or the ticket link doesn't work, you’ll need to get in touch with the ticketing company running this offer.


I followed the ticket link in the presale email but I can't see the presale option? 


These campaigns are run on a first come first serve basis, so it’s possible that it may be full. You can contact the ticket company running the presale to check this.


I took advantage of the presale for a concert but have not yet received my ticket.

Spotify is not involved with the delivery of tickets. You’ll need to contact the ticket provider for more info.


Can I cancel/ refund a presale ticket?

We don’t handle purchasing for presale ticket offers, so it’s best to contact the companies responsible. The email you received about the offer should include a link to the correct ticketing company. They can help with:

  • Code issues.
  • Shipping/Delivery questions.
  • Cancellation/refunds.
359 Replies

I never received a code for Imagine Dragons, which I listen to a lot! not sure if you need to be listening to the 24/7 to get one

How cna I get Imagine Dragons presale tickets for the Manchester 2018 concert? I listen to them all the time they are my favourite band!

i need code pre sale !!! please

I'm trying to find the Presale code for OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark).  I stream their music quite often but did not receive an email with any code.  Anything I can do ???? Thanks.

I love Bebe rexha soooooo freaking much. I didn't get a spotify pre-sale code. How do I get a spotify pre-sale code for Bebe rexha's concert in denver?

I must see her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm new to Spotify, trying to decide if I want to upgrade. Getting a presale code to The Darkness at the Civic Theatre in New Orleans would go long way towards convincing me.... Presale tomorrow!

noel gallagher codes ?

Anybody have a presale code for H.E.R? I want to see her in Toronto and didn't get a code!!!

I'm sitting here waiting for a presale code email for one of my favorite artists, Atmosphere. I play them almost everyday and I don't understand how I'm not eligble for a presale code!

I literally signed up to receive a code for the concert and now switched from Pandora just to go see my favorite artist in H.E.R.. Send this fan a code please!!!!!!!!! Didnt't know how to get a code and thought you just had to register... Im here now guys!

I guessed the presale code and got it right for Toronto so try LIGHTSON!

good luck!

I never received a code for Atmosphere at the ogden and i listen to them all the time 😞 Any help?



will there be a pre sale code for this tour?



Im Sleigh Bells biggest fans but it happens i didnt get a presale code for Montreal show yet....please i need one 😞

I am CRUSHED that I did not receive the presale code for Jhene Aiko's Trip tour (which is on pre-sale tomorrow) 😞 SPOTIFY PLSHELP A GIRL OUT I listen to her everyday 

I listen to Jhene Aiko on a pretty consistent basis, and I unfortunately never received a promo code for her upcoming show. It seems like Spotify randomly chooses what you get these codes to, but I'm wondering how the determination is made because if there's a concert in Atlanta, I want to go 



I was wondering how one usually qualifies as a superfan for pre-sale opportunities. I was hoping to get more information on the pre-sale for Wafia starting tomorrow morning. 



Hey I'm a huge Majid Jordan fan and i noticed they have a ticketmaster presale tomorrow for their new tour. I was just wondering what would be the chances of not receiving a presale code? 


I too would like to know the presale code for Majid Jordan. Spotify presale tickets go on sale today at 12pm PST. If anybody has the code, please share! Thanks!

Majid Jordan presale code? What is it 

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