Prevent censored songs in Discovery Weekly and Release Radar

Prevent censored songs in Discovery Weekly and Release Radar


Spotify needs to add a feature in the settings to prevent censored versions of songs from appearing in your Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists. If there's two versions of a song it almost always favors the censored version. It shouldn't be this way. Especially when I think I'm saving a good song from my Release Radar and then I hear a BEEP. Then I need to manually go and search for the uncensored version myself. This isn't convenient.


This should be an easy feature to implement.

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I agree with you


Again... how has this not been fixed by now? I really don't want to listen to censored versions of songs...


Hey @TheHeckSpotify and @Xunnamius,


Thanks for bringing your feedback about this here!

There's an existing idea for this in the Idea Exchange - make sure to add your vote to it here!


More info on how your feedback reaches Spotify via the Idea Exchange, including how to submit a new idea, can be found in this Spotify Answer.


Take care!

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