Private Sessions to be excluded from Spotify Wrapped

Private Sessions to be excluded from Spotify Wrapped


I think that songs and podcasts listened to during a private session should be excluded from Spotify wrapped. This would be mean parents could play children's tunes on private without worrying that Kiddie Bops won't be their top genre, or that Let It Go won't be their top song three years running. I listen to sleepcasts at night and sometimes leave them running for hours, which means that most of my Spotify wrapped was sleep sounds and not the actual music I was listening to or conciously choosing. I work in radio too, and sometimes have to listen to whole albums etc that I don't particularly like or want to feature in my "top songs of the year" and removing private sessions from Wrapped could prevent this. 

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The music listened while Private session is on doesn't count for the Wrapped recommendations, it only adds up to the minutes listened.


You mentioned that you often listen to music for children, so if you forget to activate the private session once and listen to that kind of music, it's possible they end up in the Wrapped recommendations.


For more info, we suggest that you check this article.


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