Radio edit/clean versions of songs

Radio edit/clean versions of songs

I round like to have an option in Spotify to play explicit or clean songs so my nephew, little brothers and sisters can listen to the music with out swearing and language and such.
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You're not alone.


Please kudo this idea and post there so they know people want an 'explicit' filter:

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You can go on my youtube channel and request for the song you want next. I'll send you the link to it. I make clean versions to rap and hip hop



I would also like radio / clean versions of songs available to play on Spotify so my 7 year old can listen to them.  I won’t play the explicit version of songs for him.   I would think there are a lot of Spotify users who are parents who would really appreciate this.  


I want the option of hearing only the radio versions of songs. I listen at work, not always with headphones. We need the energy of hip hop sometimes but not the foul language. I don't want to completely block the songs with explicit lyrics.


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