Radio unrelated to related artists

Radio unrelated to related artists


Most of my related artists (well now 1/3) are very similar to my style and are smaller underground names. I make melodic instrumental hip hop, like Flying Lotus or Sam Gellaitry. 


However, my artist radio always plays the opposite, usually huge names like David Guetta, Pink Floyd, James Blake, Depeche Mode, Skrillex...


I have no clue why this is happening considering my individual song radios are playing related artists. It’s only when you use the main artist radio where everything is completely off. 

I’ve also been added to at least 10 semi-big playlists (1,000-5,000 followers) since releasing my newest track a week ago, all which contain artists similar to me.


Not sure why this is happening? Please advise. Thank you.

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what name do you release under?


Sent a link to my page.


The strange part is that usually the related artists are the same as what’s put into the artist radio, but even when my page was 100% accurate related artists, it was still playing stuff like this.


Even on the radio “cover” it always shows the profiles of my related artists. Nothing more silly than thinking you’re about to get those artists and then it goes into Depeche Mode and Skrillex instead. 

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