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Recommended Albums - Definitely broken.

Recommended Albums - Definitely broken.

Greetings music-goers, mods, admins and the like.


Recommended Albums under "What's New" is a mixture of broken and just.... bad. It doesn't even seem to be influenced by music tastes, and im sick and tired of logging in seeing Ed Sheerans face next to Maroon 5, DMX and  Coldplay .


Could Spotify not register what genres the listener seem to be interested in and recommend something of a similar genre?

Could Spotify take the same basis from the "Related Artists" feature which appears next to a currently selected Artist?




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It recommended some ghost rap artist to me and It wasnt even close to my music.

This is a legitamate PROBLEM with spotify. Not only are the recommendations completely out of line with my taste, but for weeks now, Ive had an album cover with a stripper in a thong on the What's New page. I'm really sick of looking at it. I'm a premiulm member. I pay every month and I should be able to remove items fom this list. As a developer,  understand how simple this should be and there is no excuse except for neglect. It's clear how many people are upste about this. Why not fix it?



This is the email that Spotify support sent me followed by my response...


To manage your subscriptions or to change your subscription options, click here.

If this link doesn't work:

  1. Log on to The Spotify Community.
  2. Click My Profile.
  3. Click the Subscriptions & Bookmarks tab.
  4. Change your settings and click Save Changes.

Thanks for being a The Spotify Community member.

Your The Spotify Community Team




My response:


This issue has nothing to do with my subscriptions or bookmarks.
The problem is that, when I open Spotify, I am immediately presented with a rap album cover with a stripper wearing a thong on it. Never mind the fact that the recommendations don't correspond with my listening habits at all; I'm upset that I'm forced to look at this stripper every time I open spotify. Before that it was Justin Beiber.
Want to promote music that I will like? Base my recommended albums on the music I listen to.
Want to prevent me from cancelling my service that I pay about $100 a year for. Fix the problem.

By the way,  the Subscriptions & Bookmarks tab mentioned in the following email does not include any settings related to recommendations. I currently have no bookmarks and I'm not subscribed to anything

jakenfinn - That's not a Spotify support email. That's actually related to the subscription settings within the Spotify community. Where did you send your email?

Generally, the recommendations will be based on what you listen to regularly. However, this can take a little while to sort out. Just keep on listening and it should change.
Airhorn Enthusiast

I've never seen a single Spotify recommendation that I would even consider playing.  Miles off.  I listen to many different genres...all apparently except the garbage Spotify wants me to.  This leads me to assume Spotify is so desperate to be profitable that they've resorted to "payola" despite them saying otherwise.  There's no other explanation.


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