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Removing songs form daily mix

Removing songs form daily mix

I have four different daily mixes which play different kinds of music. So, I want to remove songs that don't really match the genre of one daily mix and not remove them from other daily mixes. If I press remove on a song in one daily mix, will it still appear in the other three daily mixes?

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Hey there @Sschaefer,

thanks for posting !


Each Daily Mix is crafted seperatly so in general if you remove it from one compilation it should not appear on the other.


Hope this helps 🙂

Unfortunately, I have to disagree with OneByBoo. On the Spotify app on a laptop or ipad (for some reason it won't work on the app on your phone or the web player), when you open a Daily Mix, it shows a little prohibition symbol (circle with a line through it) to the right of each song. If you click that, it will give you the option to not play that specific song or not play any songs from that artist. if you go through with either, a small message saying "Got it! We won't play that song/artist in your Daily Mix anymore" will pop up. I assume that means all Daily Mixes, but I haven't tested this, so it is up to your interpretation. I hope this is helpful!

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