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Reporting illegitimate artist activity

Reporting illegitimate artist activity

Is there a way to report this? I've seen a few similar posts about this but it is unclear what to do. I saw one moderator suggest using the 'Contact Us' feature on Spotify, but there is no subject for this. I also saw a response by a moderator saying they reported it to the right people and to let them know of this kind of activity.


An artist in my local community gained 0 new followers in 2 weeks. 1000 followers on one day, and 0 followers since that day. I screenshotted the the Spotify for artists compare feature for followers in the last 28 days recently which is were it showed me very suspicious looking data. The 2 blue lines are artists with natural growth.

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 03.49.23.png


This same artist has just 1 song, released in Feb 2020. It was <1000 for 4 months, but it just gained over 11k in 4 days from June 3rd. This artist has not had a big playlist add or other media exposure to cause this. e.g. they have 3 twitter followers, 10 Youtube subs.

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 03.42.46.png

 The potential issues with this activity:

 - We have a local arts council that gets used frequently for grants. It is likely they will use these illegitimate Spotify statistics to boast success and abuse this system for money.

- It is likely they may try use these illegitimate numbers to trick show promoters into giving them slots over hard working artists; organic growth being overshadowed by false statistics and boasting.

- It undermines every artists hard work.

- I know these statistics aren't huge but they can do it again and bigger/frequently.

- They are using Spotify as their platform to do this on.


I understand this happens regularly and a quick google search reveals how easy streams/follows can be purchased. I've kept the artists name out of it for now but happy to give more info via message instead. What's the best cause of action? I have talked to this artists about it and they were vague and called it "marketing".

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Hi there @Chonkerrss,

thanks for reaching out !


Unfortunately, the correct department to answer these type of questions would be the Spotify for Artists one.


In order to get in touch with them, make sure to visit this support page.

If you're unable to find the exact definition, find the closest one and ease the process of them getting back in touch to help out.


Furthermore, this Spotify for Artists FAQ page might hold more info.

I was searching the same thing. We need to report them...

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