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Return to playlist after song

Return to playlist after song



is there an option that spotify continues with a particular playlist if you clicked a song that's not in that playlist?


Now wenn i choose to listen to a song from a artist that is not in my playlist, wenn the song ends it continues to play that artist playlist.


Hope y'all understand! 😅


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Hi Impala,


I would suggest that while you're listening to your playlist, instead of selecting the song you would like to listen to, simply add it to queue instead. This will allow the desired song to play next and then return you back to your playlist when the song is over. I hope this helped!

> simply add it to queue instead


And what if I'm not currently listening to the playlist? I just want to be able to listen to random songs without switching the current playlist which I'll like to get back to later. (And the lack of playlist bookmarks means I can't jump right back in if the current playlist gets switched. It's a real pain to find back where you left off, for very long playlists.)

Hi @teohhanhui,


Thanks for your post!


It's important to distinguish between the two sections in the queue, namely Next in Queue and Next From. Next in Queue contains songs that you've manually added to the queue. These songs take priority over Next From songs, meaning they'll play as soon as the current track that's playing is over. Once all tracks from Next in Queue are played (or cleared), the playback will continue with the tracks under Next From.


Here's a workaround that you may find useful for the time being: If you'd like to listen to random songs, without changing the song order in the queue, you can add the playlist you'd like to go back to manually to the queue, so that the songs will appear under the Next in Queue section. That way, once you're done listening to random songs, the playback will continue from the playlist you added to the queue. Just keep in mind that it will start from the first track you added, so you'll have to skip to the specific song in the playlist you were previously listening to.


Hope this helps. The Community is always here if there's anything else you need assistance with.



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